Galaxy Note 8 Default Wallpaper
Galaxy Note 8 Default Wallpaper

Samsung is all in readiness to release the latest flagship smartphone in the Galaxy Note lineup. The latest Samsung Galaxy Note will be the Galaxy Note 8 after the Galaxy Note 7 which was launched last year had to be recalled after some issues in its battery components. There have been various leaks and rumors regarding the price, design and expected launch date of the Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung. The specifications of the smartphone have also been leaked a number of times with the smartphone expected to come with an infinity display as seen on the Galaxy S8.

However, now we have received the leaked wallpapers of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 even before the smartphone has been launched. These wallpapers seem to be from the actual Galaxy Note 8 for several reasons including that the source of the wallpapers is a trusted one. Other reasons include that the wallpapers match the theme of wallpapers launched with the Galaxy S8 to match the infinity display on the smartphone. Also, the default wallpaper of the Galaxy Note 8 which was leaked earlier by Evan Blass is also included in the pack so that is one more reason to believe that this leak is genuine.

Talking about the wallpapers, the resolution of the wallpapers is at 2560×2560 pixels rather than 2960×2960 but we may see this resolution on the Galaxy Note 8. If you want to have a look at the wallpapers included in the pack, we have included all the wallpapers in our gallery after this post so that you can download the one which suits your need. Apart from that, if you want to download the full zip then we have added a download link down below. The download link can also be found on the source link.



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