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Google Pixel

Google is preparing to launch the next Pixel phones in its Pixel lineup known to be the Pixel 2 after the company launched the Google Pixel as well as the Pixel XL last year. Google introduced the Pixel lineup of smartphones by abandoning the Nexus lineup entirely which made the Nexus 6p as well as Nexus 5x, the last phones in the Nexus lineup. Google canceled the Nexus lineup in order to take more control over the design of the upcoming devices as well as its specifications. One thing to note is that the Nexus smartphones were launched by Google in partnership with other device manufacturers whereas the Pixel phones have been entirely branded as ‘Made by Google’. However, we have already known that the original Pixel phones were developed by HTC and same is the case with next Pixel phones. The next generation of Pixel phones

The next generation of Pixel phones has been rumored to be manufactured by HTC and LG. The codenames of the next Pixel phones have also surfaced online with the smaller phone similar to the Pixel known as ‘walleye’ which will be manufactured by HTC and the bigger of the two phones, even bigger than the Pixel XL codenamed ‘taimen’ to be manufactured by LG. Now, XDA-Developers has revealed some interesting details about the next generation of the Google Pixel phones. According to XDA, the next HTC-manufactured ‘walleye’ smartphone will be a 4.97-inch display with FHD resolution whereas the LG-manufactured ‘taimen’ will be a 5.99-inch display with a 1440p OLED panel provided by LG. The interesting thing is that Google has already invested in LG’s display division so we should expect the next Pixel phone, particularly Taimen to be powered by LG panel.

XDA-Developers has also revealed that the design of the next generation of Pixel phones will be similar to the original Pixel phones. The next Pixel phones will also have a glass-metal combination on the back giving the phone a dual-tone design. However, the next Pixel phones will only have the glass panel covering the camera and not the fingerprint scanner. Both the phones, as expected, will be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor as well as 4GB of RAM. However, the phones will exclude the 3.5mm headphone jack same as the iPhone 7 launched last year. Let us know in the comments section below about your thoughts on Google’s decision to exclude the headphone jack in the next Pixel phones. As always, Stay tuned to our website to know about the latest news in the mobile industry.

Source: XDA-Developers


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