Goods & Service Tax
Goods & Service Tax

Goods and Service Tax which is also known as GST has been launched in India on the midnight of June 30, 2017. The implementation of GST, as announced earlier, has already started after 12 AM from July 1. Now, the Indian government has declared that there will be a 10% basic customs duty on mobile phones as well as mobile phone parts that will be imported in India. This means that the smartphones, as well as manufacturing parts of smartphones which come from China, will get a 10% customs duty.

Talking about the customs duty, one of the government officials said that the 10% customs duty will be imposed on the imported cellular mobile phones and accessories such as charger, battery, wire headset, microphone and receiver, keypad, USB cable and other specified electronic goods. One thing to note here is that the Indian government has not included the 10% basic customs duty on mobile parts like printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), camera module, connectors display assembly, touch panel, cover glass assembly, vibrator motor, and ringer. We have known that the above mobile parts like camera module as well as touch panel have been excluded from the customs duty in order to increase the manufacturing of mobile phones in India.

According to the statement from the government official, “inputs and raw material for the manufacture of parts of specified electronics goods, including mobile phones will also continue to be exempt from basic customs duty”. Let us know in the comments section below about the customs duty imposed by the government on imported phones.


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