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Today, we are going to talk about a New-York based e-commerce marketplace known as The Gadget Flow. This marketplace is especially unique the products here have been highly researched and carefully picked from famous websites like Amazon, Etsy, Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and others which are known for crowd funding the newest innovations that have been put up on their platform. You can find and purchase various products that you liked on IndieGoGo. The history of The Gadget Flow dates back to 2012 when three college students, Evan Varsamis, Cassie Ousta and Mike Chliounakis started this website as a design inspiration blog in Athens, Greece.

At first, the website’s revenue was generated from banner advertising from products that are available for sale already. Later, the trio decided that they should put a ‘Buy Now’ button on their website which would redirect users to the website of its original creator. This was done by them after carefully reviewing the product so that they can maintain the quality of the products that would be featured on the website and that their visitors liked each and every product that was reviewed on the website.

One year later, that is in 2013, the trio decided that they should focus on their core business instead of adding other services like digital advertising and social media services. This made the website see an increase in traffic of up to three times and the website now sees a monthly traffic of 22 Million visitors. This also makes The Gadget Flow, one of the largest, if not the largest website for product-search among all of its competitors.

After one year, the Android, as well as iOS apps of the website, were also launched which contributed to the traffic on the website. Some of the features of its Android and iOS application include options to do a quick product-search same as the website. The features that are unique to the website, however, are live video product reviews with interactive question-and-answer sessions which help visitors to clear the confusion that may arise in their mind on seeing the products and they can quite clearly make their mind on whether to buy the particular product or not.

TheGadgetFlow categories section
TheGadgetFlow categories section

Taking a closer look at the website of The Gadget Flow, we can find categories for various products which include Apple accessories as well as accessories for men and women. Apart from that, gadgets which a true star wars fan would like can also be found on the website. Apart from that, there are other home accessories as well as camera accessories on the website also which makes it a one-stop for all the needs of its visitors.

The Gadget Flow 'Products We Love' section
The Gadget Flow ‘Products We Love’ section

The Gadget Flow also has a section for the ‘Products we love’ which means that those products have been recommended by the Gadget Flow staff and this list is regularly updated every 24 hours for its users so that new products can also be featured on that list. Apart from that, the site also offers a section named ‘For you’ which recommends products based on our interest by looking at our searches or purchases which add to the convenience. The site also offers discounts exclusively available for its members so that they can have discounts on various products as well as crowd funding projects.

The Gadget Flow has also been named as one of the most promising tech start-ups of 2016 by The Next Web. Apart from that, the company has also opened its first shop named The Gadget Flow Shop in August 2016 which houses the products that can be found on the website. If you like what you saw, you can have a look at the official website from the source link mentioned down below


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