WhatsApp has been claiming new heights ever since it was acquired by Facebook. The founders behind WhatsApp have also started to work at Facebook and have implemented many new features to the ever-popular social messaging platform. WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature for text highlighting and emoji search. Apart from that, the company is also rumored to be working on a new feature where the users will be able to recall a sent message which means that the message that had been sent by mistake can easily be undone.

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Now, the company has posted the latest statistics of its users as well as other details related to the social messaging app. WhatsApp, in its report, says that its app is used by 1Billion Active users daily. Also, the company has announced that their service is used by 1.3Billion Monthly Active users. Now, the transfer of the images as well as videos has also seen a huge growth on WhatsApp along with its users. The company reports that its users share 4.5Billion Photos every day which is a huge figure. Now, talking about the messages sent and received on the platform, WhatsApp users send and receive 55Billion messages every day worldwide. In the video sharing department, 1Billion videos are exchanged per day on the platform.

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Apart from that, the service has gained extensive multi-lingual support as well. WhatsApp has announced that their platform now supports 60 languages worldwide. The parent company of WhatsApp, Facebook has also reported some staggering numbers. Facebook has announced that it now has about 2 billion monthly users. The Facebook Messenger alone has 1.2 billion monthly users. Instagram recently announced that the platform is used by 250 million daily active users as well. As far as WhatsApp is concerned, the platform has been continuously growing and the user base of the platform is ever-increasing. Let us know in the comments section below about your thoughts on WhatsApp as a platform and the feature you love the most.



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